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Introducing 6 NEW Colours in our Colour Mill Range

Colour Mill have introduced 6 New Colours for October 2021.

  • Olive Colour Mill
  • Sage Colour Mill
  • Sea Mist Colour Mill
  • Blue Bell Colour Mill
  • Midnight Colour Mill
  • Sage Colour Mill

NEW - Sweet Sticks Paint Your Own Tabs

Sweet Sticks have re-designed their Paint Your Own Tabs (PYO Packs) for August 2021.

They are great for painting cookies, creating fantastic designs or for getting the children involved in baking.

NEW - Vegan Edible Cake Decorations and Sprinkles

As more and more of us are looking at different dietary options or have various dietary requirements, here are some of our most popular products that fit into being Free From, Vegetarian and Vegan.

Cake decorating should be widely available to everyone and we believe our Vegan and vegetarian cake decorating items and vegan sprinkles will suit all your needs.

  • impressit-fine-tip-cake-board-stamps
  • impressit-celebration-happy-birthday-cake-stamps
  • impressit-celebration-alphabet-cake-stamps
  • impressit-caligraphy-cake-board-stamps
  • impressit-cake-board-stamps-accessories
  • impressit-cake-board-stamps

    impressit Cake Stamps

    ------ NEW PRODUCTS ------

    Due to popular demand, Purple Cupcakes have increased the size of their range of impressit stamps and increased the size of the letters!

    We have now introduced a range of impressit cake board sized stamps.  You use these in exactly the same way as our Alphabet Cake Stamps and simply impress them into your fondant to emboss Happy Birthday, a personalised message or name etc.

    You can truly personalise the embossed letters to your theme by painting the impressed letters.  Have a look at our How To.. video for how easy they are to work with.


    • impressit-fine-tip-cake-board-stamps
    • impressit-celebration-happy-birthday-cake-stamps
    • impressit-caligraphy-cake-board-stamps
    • impressit-cake-board-stamps

    New Stamps

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     our impressit stamps

    Edible Paint - Metallic

    Edible Paints

    Click image to View our

    edible paints & lustres

    Cornflour Pouch | Purple Cupcakes


    Click image to View our Cornflour Pouch

    impressit acrylic block


    Click image to view our impressit acrylic block

    • Cupcake-Bouquet-Boxes-Colours-Purple-Cupcakes
    • Cupcake-Bouquet-Box-Purple-Purple-Cupcakes
    • Cupcake-Bouquet-Box-Purple-Cupcakes
    • Cupcake-Bouquet-Box-invisiTray-Purple-Cupcakes
    • Cupcake-Bouquet-Box-Accessories-Quick-Bow-Purple-Cupcakes

      Cupcake Bouquet Boxes

      We have been selling our Cupcake Bouquet Boxes for many years along with our in-house designed invisitray.  They are a fantatsic way to present your wonderfully decorated cupcakes and making the recipient feel even more special.

      You can even hide additional treats in the base of the box.

      We are currently looking at updating the range of colours that we offer and would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions.

      We will also be making some exciting announcements about the range in the very near future.


      These Bouquet Boxes are also used in the florist industry for presenting flowers and the bases are ideal for holding a bubble of water, keeping the flowers hydrated and in tip top condition. 

      Cupcake Bouquet Box Bunbles

      Bundle Savings

      Click imge to view our Cupcake Bouquet Box Bundle Deals

      Cupcake Bouquet Box | Peter Rabbit Bundle

      Peter Rabbit

      Click image to view our Peter Rabbit Bouquet Box Bundle

      Quick Bows

      Quick Bows

      Click image to view our Quick Bows

      to Enhance your Boquet Box

      Our packaging choices

      Purple Cupcakes are always looking to improve the quality of our packaging for our own branded products and take our responsibilty to the environment very seriously.  We are very happy to share with you some of our reasons behind our packaging choices. 

      Please click the button below to read about our Cupcake Cases and Cake Decorating Edibles & Sprinkles packaging.   We welcome your opinions.