Cupcake Cases & Edible Cake Decorations - Packaging

Let us tell you about our packaging choices.

Our Cupcake Cases in their new boxes

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    We have been selling cupcake cases in many different colours and pack sizes ever since we opened our online shop here at Purple Cupcakes.

    Although the quality of the cupcake cases has never been in doubt - we have tried many different cases over the years, and these, in our opinion provide the best results - we have never been happy with the packaging that we sent them out in.

    The previous packaging that we provided was non-recyclable plastic tubes, which although displyed the product well, did nothing for the environment - we wanted to improve.

    So, we embarked on a journey looking for an alternative.  We ended this journey with the boxes that we currently use today.  Although there is still a small piece of plastic in the packaging, both the cardboard box and the plastic window can be recycled.

    As well as looking the part when we send your cupcake cases out, we have also been able to incorporate our favourite cupcake recipe on the side of the box for you. 

    Our Edible Cake Decoration tubs

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      Many of you will have noticed that we have improved the design of our multi-use plastic tubs that we send our cake edibles in.

      We incorporated these changes after investigating the possibility of moving away from this fully recyclable plastic tub.  On looking at what is available in the market place, it became apparent (for the time being anyway) that this appeared to offer us the best way of continuing to package these products.

      We looked at compostable, biodegradeable, marine degradeable and found that these potential solutions are not quite there yet.  Let us detail why we have reached this conclusion.

      The compostable solutions we’ve researched, need fresh air and sunlight in order to break down,
      this is not the conditions we can expect in the standard UK landfill, without fresh air

      and sunlight, methane gas is released while the degrading process take place, it is understood the impact of this is four times worse for global warming, than traditional plastic decomposition.

      The biodegradable options we have researched use micro-plastics, so when the plant-based resin breaks down it leaves micro-plastics. These micro plastics are tiny particles of plastic that work their way into the food chain, micro plastics have been banned by the UK and the European Union.

      In order to break down efficiently, marine degradable packaging requires two things, firstly it needs direct sunlight, secondly it requires water to be at 50°C - this is not an environment that naturally occurs meaning marine degradable is not the solution it initially promises to be.

      These three options have been marketed as sustainable eco-friendly solutions but on further reflection appear to be knee-jerk reactions to public demand and actually cause a lot more harm than traditional recyclable PP. We believe this is the reason why most of the UK supermarkets set their goals to achieving fully recyclable packaging by 2025 and not biogradable alternatives.

      The tubs we use are quite interesting, in that the labels printed onto a PP film and the pot is made of PP resin, so when it goes through recycling process it is one material which can be easily and widely recycled. Unlike your standard ice cream tubs or coffee cups where the polyethene layer needs to be removed from the card in order to be recycled.

      The current system in the UK has 99% kerbside collection for recycling so it is easy for the end user to know how to depose of the packaging. Not to mention with the resealable design means the end user can find many uses around the home to continue the life span of these handy little tubs.

      Based on this information, we feel that although it is imperative that we behave responsibly and ensure the packaging we supply does not have a negative impact on our planet and environment. Our tamper evident tubs have a low carbon footprint and are easily recycled within the current infrastructure. Meaning they protect your product and the planet with a humble efficiency.

      However, we of course continue to keep abreast of new and innovative solutions. Like Maya Angelou, we do the best we can until we know better and when we find a way of doing better, we will…

      “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

      Maya Angelou