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See our video which explains how to use the original Purple Cupcakes impressit cupcake & cake stamps to enhance your cupcake and cake decorating.  

Designer cupcake & cake stamping made easy!

Peel back top perspex sheet - individual stamps are attached to the other side. No need for cutting or gluing, simply peel off the stamp you require and position it flat side down onto Purple Cupcakes Acrylic Block - this way you can build up your design and impress it in one go.

Roll out your chosen medium (ideally with gum trag added), let it air dry for 5 minutes, then lightly dust with cornflour (these three tips will prevent your letters sticking).

Position your design over your medium, this is made easy because you can see through the Acrylic Block, and then gently press - job done!

If your letters lose their cling, simply place in a sieve (so you don't lose them down the plug hole!) and wash in warm soapy water.

Let them air dry over night on apiece of kitchen towel. Purple Cupcakes impressit Designer Cupcake & Cake Stamps are reuseable - simply store them in the packaging until next time.

top tip...
Add some colour...
after stamping, use a fine brush and paste colour to paint the impression; or dab paste colour lightly onto the raised surface of your stamps before impressing.