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We are super excited to be finally ready in launching what we know is a beautiful addition to the cake decorating industry.

Sweet Sticks Lustre range.
Yes, there are quite a number of lustre ranges on the market and this is what makes Sweet Sticks unique:

  • Our unique open and tap out packaging. Eliminating wastage as you control in small amounts how much you want to tap out. No need for spillage and spoons! Simply Open, Tap and Go! 
  • 22 beautiful custom colours. These colours are exclusive to Sweet Sticks and are loved by decorators alike.
    Now they can match their lustre work with our paints. 
  • Perfect 5g amount. Not too little, not too much. 
  • Packaging that's 'Insta-worthy'. Some may have a giggle at this.... If you want your product out there you got to design pretty packaging! And we've done that! 

Using only food grade ingredients. We are super proud of only sourcing the best food grade lustres on the market. 


Sweet Sticks Lustre

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