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Amazing food flavourings to add a different twist, not only to your cupcakes but to other foods you love to make.

These flavours are fantastic and can be added to ANYTHING.  Just a few drops are needed of these intense flavourings so a small bottle goes a long way.  Used with the flavoured sugarpaste you can create some truly delicious flavour combinations to make your mouth water and taste buds zing!

Suitable for vegetarian, vegan and kosher. 

~ Cupcakes and Cakes
~ Buttercream
~ Fondant/Sugarpaste
~ Craft Bakery
~ Yoghurts and Frozen Desserts
~ Ice Cream and sorbets
~ Soft Centered Confectionary
~ Icing
~ Gateaux Creams
~ Jellies
~ Fondants
~ Patisseries

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